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  • Pepper Spray For Walkers And Joggers

    Previously today in Fairfax Virginia a young lady was out running and was nearly abducted. Her assaulter grabbed her from behind using the element of surprise as the majority of predators do. The distinction in this instance is this girl was ready.  At only 15 years old, she was smart enough to be out jogging with a pepper spray cannister.
    Based on police reports the young jogger was in the area of Hayfield Roadway when an unknown man grabbed her from behind.  The female fought back and splashed the assailant with pepper spray. The enemy escaped and this young lady lived to tell about it.
    This story had a happy ending for the jogger, however the suspect is still at large. If this lady had been abducted, there is no way to know exactly what would certainly have happened to her. She might have been raped or eliminated or held in a dingy basement for months or years.

    Holding the pepper spray for "just in case" circumstances is a really smart move.

    Whether you are walking or running or even using a bike, pepper spray can save your life as it did for this girl. Not only is pepper spray great versus human assaulters, it functions effectively versus canines. Pet dogs are a constant hazard versus distance runners and walkers, particularly those strolling their own canines.

    One of the very best things you could do to make your stroll or your run a whole lot  safer is to carry a pepper spray. We at http://.www.eaglepersonaldefense.com offer a variety of pepper sprays for walkers/joggers with an armband pepper spray that is so little you barely know you are carrying it. The good part about the little protection spray is it gives you serious security versus opponents or kidnappers. This is the same exact protection spray held by hundreds of firms in the United States.

    To read more see our Pepper Spray area on our site.
    - View even more at: http://www.eaglepersonaldefense.com/pepper-sprays.html

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